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Santa Clara-San Jose Regional Wastewater Facility On-Call

San Jose, CA
Construction Value: $1.4 Billion

The San Jose-Santa Clara Regional Wastewater Facility (RWF) is undergoing a 10-year capital improvement program worth $1.4 billion. It’s the largest wastewater facility on the west coast with over 2,600 acres. The RWF treats 110 million gallons per day (mgd) of Silicon Valley wastewater for use by the Cities of San Jose, Santa Clara, and Milpitas as well as the Cupertino Sanitary District, County Sanitation Districts 2-3, and Burbank Sanitary District. 

  • Signet is currently providing on-call special inspection and materials testing services.


Russell City Energy Center

Hayward, CA
Construction Value: $845 Million

The Russell City Energy Center is a 619-megawatt combined-cycle electric generating facility that services western Alameda County and the San Francisco Peninsula for the needs of 600,000 households. The Energy Center uses natural gas for fuel, allowing for a greater than 90% reduction of emissions and a 40% more fuel-efficient than older, fossil-fueled generating facilities in the Bay Area.

  • Signet provided special inspections including Earthwork Monitoring, and materials testing services including Geotechnical Laboratory testing, Soils/AC Compaction Testing and Observation, Asphalt, Concrete Placement, Reinforced Steel, Offsite Precast Pile Fabrication inspection, Structural Steel and Non-Destructive testing (UT/MT).

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SRWA 2.jfif

Stanislaus Regional Water Supply

Turlock, CA
Construction Value: $212 Million 

RSWSP is a collaborative effort that will provide water from the Tuolumne River via an existing set of perforated pipelines installed in gravel about 8-feet below the bottom of the river bed (located just west of the Geer Road Bridge), a new intake structure and raw water pump station and pipeline. The raw water from the pipelines will be treated at a new water treatment plant to drinking water standards and delivered to SRWA service areas for municipal and industrial uses.

Signet is providing special inspections, Earthwork Monitoring, and materials testing services including, Soils, Cast-in-Place Concrete, anchor, Grout, Masonry, Reinforced/Structural Steel, and Non-Destructive testing (UT/MT).

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