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Kinesiology & Wellness Center 

Construction Value: $85 Million

The Cañada College New Kinesiology and Wellness Center is a Design-Build project consisting of the demolition of an existing athletics building (41,000 sf), followed by the construction of a new 85,000sf structural steel building with two swimming pools.

  • Signet provided services related to Cast-In-Place Voncrete, Shotcrete, Masonry, Structural Steel/Welding, Fire-Proofing, Post-installed anchors/dowels, and Seismic Ceiling Anchors. The large exposed structural steel trusses and other steel members were fabricated in 10 different shops including the Bay Area, Oregon, Washington, and Idaho. Signet had at peak 1 Lead CWI and 4 additional inspectors, plus up to 14 inspectors in the steel fab shops.


STEAM Buildings High School

Hayward, CA
Construction Value: $75 Million

 The STEAM buildings provide eight Learning Spaces, two Science Labs, a Maker Space, and Demonstration Lobby. Breakout rooms and alcoves provide spaces for small group collaboration and self-directed learning. Outdoor learning areas include an exterior maker space patio, orchard, garden, and areas for group work and individual contemplation. 

  • Signet provided special inspections and materials testing services related to Soils/AC Compaction, Pile/Pier Observation, Batch Plant, DSA Masonry, Concrete, Concrete Placement, Rebar Placement, Asphalt, Steel/Specialty Testing, High-Strength Bolting, Spray-applied Fireproofing, and Proof Load/Torque Testing. Signet also conducted all out-of-State and local inspections related to the Steel Fabrication process for all three buildings.

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UC Berkeley Anna Head Student housing.jpg

UC Berkeley Anna Head Student Housing

Berkeley, CA
Construction Value: $75 Million

As part of UC Berkeley’s 2020 Long Range Development Plan, the Anna Head West Student Housing Complex includes a sophomore residence hall and upperclassmen apartments for 416 students under the name of ‘Maximino Martinez Commons’. This project involved the design and construction of a 6-story 135,000 GSF reinforced concrete and post-tension slab superstructure.

  • Signet provided special inspection and materials testing services for this project including Soils/AC Testing and Observation, Moisture Density Compaction Curves, In-Place Density Tests of soils by the nuclear method, Reinforced Concrete, Concrete, Shotcrete, Post-Tension Concrete, Grout, Structural Steel, Reinforced Steel, Tensile and Bend, Fireproofing, Floor Flatness, Proof-Load and Torque Testing of Anchor Bolts.

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