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City of San Jose - San Jose Civic Center.jpg

San Jose Civic Center

San Jose, CA
Construction Value: $200 Million

The New Civic Center project consisted of 712,000 sq. ft of office space in downtown San Jose. The building layout includes an 18-story tower structural steel high-rise on the east side; a four-story Council Chamber on the west side; a centrally located domed rotunda that reached the height equivalent of 10 stories; a large plaza opening onto Santa Clara Street framed by a curved wall; and one level of 400 underground parking spaces.

  • Signet provided special inspection and materials testing services including Soils, Asphalt, Reinforced Concrete, Shotcrete, Structural Steel, Welding, Metal Decking, NDT Testing, Fireproofing, and Drilled in Anchors.


San Francisco City Hall Retrofit and Seismic Repair

San Francisco, CA
Construction Value: $175 Million

The San Francisco City Hall is a 1916 nationally historic registered building. The 575,000 sq. ft. four-story steel-framed building was one of the largest base-isolated seismic retrofitting projects in the world; including the installation of over 530 base isolators and 62 “slider” columns.

  • Signet provided special inspection and material testing services including structural steel off-site inspection in Texas and Oakland in addition to on-site structural steel inspections and testing by AWS certified inspectors and ASNT Level II UT technicians. Led by our Resident Inspector, our field team provided Reinforced Concrete Inspections, Masonry Inspections, Shotcrete, Epoxy Dowel/Anchor Installation, Observation, and Proof Load/Torque Testing. Additional services included review and verification of mixed designs and certificates of completion.

San Francisco City Hall.jpg


San Mateo Fire Station.jpg

San Mateo Fire Station #24

San Mateo, CA
Construction Value: $6 Million

Fire Station 24 is a new two-story fire station that encompasses two ground floor apparatus bays, an exercise room, EMT storage room, and upstairs living spaces including bedrooms, bathrooms, and dining spaces. The station is designed to meet the functional goal of allowing drive-thru access for the primary fire engine entering and exiting the site. Fire Station 24 was designed to meet current department needs and accommodate future needs and is expected to function for the next 50 years.

  • Signet’s inspection and materials testing services for this project included: Rebar, Masonry, Shotcrete, Concrete Placement, NS Grout, Rebar/Strand ID, Field Welding, High Strength Bolting, UT/MT, Shop Welding, Diaphragm Nailing, Shearwall, Trusses Fabrication, and Dowel/Anchor Installation specialty inspections.

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